Dressing Your Wedding by Kat Neumann

I recently participated in a wedding show at the Beckwith Soccer Dome. It was a great venue and a lot of fun meeting area vendors and brides to be. I provided the brides with some information on dressing their wedding day! Whether you are planning your own wedding, are a part of a wedding party or the mother’s of the bride or groom, this information will come in handy when deciding what to wear for the big day!

  • Set a timeline: finding the right dress takes time so plan to start the search 9-12 months before the actual wedding date. If you are short on time, do not stress, however try to give yourself at least 6 months to get the dress as it takes time to find the right one and have it altered to fit you perfectly. Expect to be fitted at least 2 times before the dress is ready to take home.
  • Learn about dress styles: There are many elements to a wedding dress. Learn about necklines, silhouettes, colors, fabrics and detailing. Pay attention to what you are most attracted to and the styles you like best. This will help give you a starting point when looking for dresses.
  • Learn your body type: Everyone is built differently and there are certain styles that look best on certain body types. Once you learn what type of body you have as well as identify the body parts you want to camouflage and those you want to show off you will have a good idea of the type of dress you are looking for.
  • Themed weddings: It is important to keep in mind the wedding theme when searching for a gown as this will help you narrow your search to dresses that are appropriate for your theme.
  • Religious Consideration: If you are celebrating your wedding within the traditions and customs of a certain religion, it is important to know what style of dress is accepted within that religion.
  • Establish a budget for your dress:   Planning a wedding can be a stressful time and often leads to rash decisions being made; not to mention we have all fallen victim to a sales person who talks us into something we are not positive we actually want! Research designer styles and process ahead of time so that you set your expectations and maintain a budget you are comfortable sticking to.

Dressing Your Wedding Party

  • Think coordinated but not too matchy- pick a color and a fabric and have your girls pick the styles that suit their body type best
  • Metallic accessories and shoes are hot this season-not only do silver and gold go with everything your bridesmaids will be able to wear these items numerous times
  • Mix and match jewelry- suggest to your bridesmaids the type of jewelry you would like them to wear (gold, silver, pearls) and allow them to wear pieces they already own. They will save money and be comfortable wearing pieces they are confident in
  • Cocktail length dresses are all the rage- they are less expensive and more versatile for your ladies to wear in the future
  • Black and purple- both colors are new trends for bridesmaid dresses

Standing Out From The Pack


  • Wear a jacket the is subtly different from that of your groomsmen;  you wear a double breasted jacket while the groomsmen wear a single breasted jacket, they wear 3 buttons, you wear one
  • Change up the boutonniere; instead of wearing the same boutonniere as the groomsmen, add something special to yours such as a sprig of herbs or berries. While staying within the same color family as the rest of the wedding party, choose a flower that is similar but not the same, opt for 2-3 flowers instead of just one or choose a fully blossomed flower while the groomsmen wear the bud of the flower
  • Let your neck wear stand out. Choose a tie that is a different color from the groomsmen. They can go with a color that matches the bridesmaid dresses and you can opt for white (or silver); or choose an entirely different style of neckwear from the groomsmen, you go with a bow tie while they wear a necktie
  • Wear a vest that stands out, or even opt for a cummerbund

Mother of the Groom

For the Moms


  • Consult with the bride beforehand to see what she envisions you wearing
  • Match your outfit with the bridal party’s as far as formality
  • Choose a color that complements you but does not clash with the wedding colors. Stay away from white, cream and ivory
  • Talk to the other mother (of the groom or bride) to coordinate outfits. The colors do not have to be the same however, you should be on the same page as far as the length of the skirt and sleeves
  • Learn your body type and choose a style that best suits your body
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