{Mary-Anne & David} Intimate wedding in Arnprior

When Brian and I met with Mary Anne and David for their initial consultation, we were delighted to hear they had planned an intimate, family oriented wedding in their new (old) home.  This past Saturday, our expectations were pleasantly (and overwhelmingly) exceeded!  Their beautifully decorated historic home was the perfect backdrop for their celebration--they have just recently purchased it so it was a great opportunity for many to congratulate them on all the new happenings in their lives. Mary Anne carried her "something old" up the aisle--a bible and a locket that were gifts from her father to her mother on their wedding day many years ago.  She also wore her "something blue"--an ever so small flower on her garter--fashioned from the last remaining piece of her mother's wedding gown!!! When we arrived at their home, Mary Anne was absolutely giddy and glowing, and she looked so adorable fussing over final prep with her veil streaming out behind her! David was...well, somewhat quiet and seemingly bashful...until he saw his bride to be in her gown!  Then, as you can see, a huge smile erupted and barely left his face that day. Friends of the couple made their simple, beautiful cake as a gift and drove hours to hand deliver it!  The stained glass Celtic knots made for a great spot for the cake, and are a spectacular piece of their home that pays homage to Mary Anne's Irish background. As many of you remember, it rained on Saturday...but luckily, it held off until the ceremony was over... Mary Anne has the most amazing collection of antique teapots, all of which were filled with gorgeous fresh flowers and sprinkled throughout the entire house... These cupcakes (including a chocolate peanut butter cup one!) were made by The Sweet and Sassy Company from Arnprior and were so delicious!  Did I mention the chocolate peanut butter cup one? This wedding had so many of my favorite things:  good food, good friends, lots of boistrous family...and the belief that old things (and houses) are truly the best, made more important by memories and love.  But mostly, my favorite part of this beautiful wedding is this:  good things really do come to those who wait...with many thanks at having us be a part of your amazing day, and wishing you all the best for a happy and healthy life together! xoxoxo
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