{Kristin & Clyde} Lumberjack Chic Engagement photos in Pembroke

Kristin and Clyde will be getting married in September, so we got together this past weekend to shoot their engagement photos. It is always great fun having a couple who were so excited about their shoot--they wanted their photos done at Kristin's family hunt camp near Pembroke, which, at a whopping 1200 acres, gave ample opportunities for great photos! The Shaw family raise highland cattle, and although they weren't really keen on having their photos taken, provided an awesome setting for these: The barns and hay bales were rustic and awesome! Donald's Lake is a tribute to Kristin's grandfather, and little touches of their history, like the "Shaw 2000" imprint on the perimeter made for images the family will be sure to treasure. We finally got Kristin and Clyde's pointer to sit still for a split second to snap this one, which is my favorite shot from the day. "Lumberjack chic" isn't just a random blog title--both families own lumber companies, and Clyde and Kristin are integral in their respective family businesses. It was important to them to integrate the stunning trees into their photos, much as they are every day of their lives. I had an amazing day working with Kristin and Clyde, and I am really excited for their big day in September!  
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