Nick and Sam

We were contacted by a couple of models who were looking to add to their portfolio. They had some great ideas so we invited them over to the studio yesterday for a shoot. They did great even though it was only their second shoot! Read more

Corbin & Sasha

So my brother called me up the other day and asked if I could come by and do some baby photos for a good friend of his from high school. Corbin was 5 months and was an absolute angel! Read more

Lowry Family Photos

For Ontario's second annual "family day" holiday, our neighbour's asked us if we would be willing to do some family photos of the whole group, seeing as a family this size is hard to get together at once, we had no problem, here is a sample of what we captured. Read more

Happy Valentines Day!

Just wanted to wish all of our couples a Happy Valentines Day! Hope everybody is doing something special! Watch for us at the Brad Paisley concert tonight at the Scotiabank place! Taking the lovely Mrs out! Read more

Fashion613 at Suite34

We captured some images of Fashion613's latest event held at Suite 34 this past Saturday. See all the photos Read more