{Christine & Benton} Wedding in Barry’s Bay, Ontario

Christine and Benton couldn't have asked for a better day for their wedding this past Saturday in Barry's Bay. It was a gorgeous day, with full sun, yet it wasn't too hot; Ivanette and I took the back roads on our way out and enjoyed the drive! Christine & Benton's wedding has to be one of the most meaningful and unique weddings so far. Not because of any specific detail, expensive shoes, or luxury wedding venue, but because of the love they have for each other, and how important the photography was for them. We had met Christine at the Arnprior wedding show, and then got to spend a gorgeous winter afternoon capturing their engagement session. What makes the photography so important, is that at the moment, Benton has lost most of his sight, but the good news is that in years to come, new research may actually be able to restore it. Even though he may not have been able to see how beautiful his bride was, it was evident that he knew how beautiful she was. Ivanette and I look forward to the day where Benton gets to enjoy these photos as much as we did in taking them. Read more

{Fanny & Steve} Remic Rapids Engagement

Fanny and Steve were absolutely amazing to work with this past Sunday! We met downtown to photograph their engagement session by the water. With the threat of rain and thunder storms, we moved quickly, which was made easy by Fanny & Steve's passion and energy for each other! Ivanette and I can't wait for their wedding! Read more

{Tracy & Phill} A wedding of family and friends, Almonte, Ontario

When Ivanette and I moved to Almonte 4 years ago, one of the first people we were introduced to was Phil. Since then, we have gotten to know Phill, and he's always been there when we've needed a hand. We've learned that he is truly one of the kindest, gentlest, most generous men around, and he is a wonderfully dedicated father to boot. We were very happy when Tracy came to hold such a special place in Phill's life, and one night in mid December when we were in the middle of renovating our new studio, Phil called us up, and was in need of some guidance in setting up his proposal to Tracy. Needless to say, we were both very excited and happy to help. Read more

{Stephanie & Freddie} An Ottawa University Engagement

Ivanette and I photographed Stephanie & Freddie's engagement session downtown this past Sunday, and what a fitting couple to book on Mother's day! Stephanie and Freddie met 9 years ago at the University of Ottawa, and have since graduated, started great careers, and have had 3 very cool children (who came with them to interview us as their wedding photographers). When chatting, they told us all about how they first met at the University frosh week. Thus, Tabaret Hall (along with the rest of the campus) was the only choice to celebrate their engagement! Read more