The number one comment we hear is "I don't look like the women in your portfolio". The thing is, they don't look like that every day either!

    Nervous? That's ok. Most women who decide to have boudoir photography captured are very nervous to start. When you first arrive for your session, we will sit down and chat about your goals for the images, and the style of images that you love. After chatting, we start your session with an evening gown / summer dress. This give you the opportunity to relax and start a flow our posing in clothing that you're comfortable with. We then typically move onto a bra & jeans combination, before changing into lingerie.     Want to know more? Check out our FAQ's below, or send us an e-mail: [cols] [col class="2/3"]


Q. I'm not comfortable having my images shown online. A. All of the women shown on our website have given us permission to use them. At the end of your session, we'll cover the privacy agreement, where you decide what images, if any we can post. There's no fee for keeping your images private, and we completely respect your privacy. Q. I'm older, not as thin, have had kids, etc and not sure if I can get great images. A. We've photographed women 20-60 years old and sizes 0-28. Not every pose works for everybody, however we know what works for your body style. The images in our portfolio are 80% real women and 20% models. Q. Can you retouch my images? A. We retouch all of the images before you see them, however our retouching keeps your images as a true representation of yourself. Q. What about hair and makeup? Should I do it myself? A. We have a great in studio hair and makeup artist who's capable of a wide range of looks and will make you look fabulous. You'll want to book a dinner out after your session, trust us! Q. I have no idea what to bring or what to do to prepare! A. No need to worry, once your session is confirmed, we'll send you the guide on what to wear and how to prepare! [/col] [col class="1/3 last"] [contact-form-7 id="14303" title="Boudoir Inquiry"] [/col] [/cols] Q. I don't see any nude images on your website, but am a little shy about asking, do you offer this? A. Yes, we do offer tasteful nude / semi nude photography for our boudoir clients. Ask and we can provide you access to the private gallery. Q. Can I bring a friend / my husband with me? A. We have no problem with you bringing a friend. Your husband / boyfriend is welcome as well, however from our experience, clients have more fun and are more comfortable when they bring a friend rather than their husband. A lot of clients also choose to come alone. Whatever makes you most comfortable. There's also a lovely pub beside the studio on the water if your husband comes and gets bored!