Under the white dress

By Emilia @ Lilac Lingerie Comfort first On your wedding day, lingerie style is a matter of personal preference. Plenty of options are available to be provocative and daring, conservative and stylish, or gentle and elegant under your very special dress.  The most important thing for every bride, is comfort. Most likely your dress will require an unusual bra.  Perhaps strapless, back-less, deep plunge, add-a-size push up or maybe you would even opt out for a corset-like support. All this would mean that you will not be in your usual bra-comfort zone. To ensure success on your special day, test-drive the bra ahead of time under an everyday dress of a similar kind. You will be able to assess in a few short minutes if this is the right bra for your special day. You should feel both supported and comfortable. The same goes for the bottom piece. Make sure it is comfortable - not too tight and not too loose.  To avoid the visible panty line, wear either a thong, seamless panties or briefs. You know yourself best; listen to your years of experience in your own body. With confidence Lingerie is the first thing to touch your skin and the last to leave. The confidence boost you would get from wearing a wonderful, stylish piece made from quality fabric will be powerful.  On your wedding day, extra self-confidence will be welcomed! Your wedding day lingerie is the one thing you would buy only for yourself. No one will be seeing it at the reception or during the ceremony. It is only for you. Take the time to choose it well and wear it with confidence because you feel pretty, daring, stylish, romantic, elegant, or unique in it. You will feel special and create a bit of a mystery for your groom.  A perfect way to start sharing your life together!
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