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5x7 of Player $10

[wp_cart_button name="Individual 5x7" price="10.00"]

8x10 of Player $20 [wp_cart_button name="Individual 8x10" price="20.00"]

13x19 Poster of Player $45 [wp_cart_button name="Individual 13x19" price="45.00"]

17x22 Poster of Player $65 [wp_cart_button name="Individual 17x22" price="65.00"]

5x7 of Team $10 [wp_cart_button name="5x7 Team" price="10.00"]

8x10 of Team $20 [wp_cart_button name="8x10 Team" price="20.00"]


Player Combo (Team & Individual on one 8x10) $20

[wp_cart_button name="Player Combo" price="20.00"]

Player Combo with 10 Trading Cards $40

[wp_cart_button name="Player Combo with Cards" price="40.00"]

Player Special (Player Combo, 8x10 Ind., Two 5x7 Ind., 10 Wallets) $35

[wp_cart_button name="Player Special" price="35.00"]

Player Special with 10 Trading Cards $50

[wp_cart_button name="Player Special with Cards" price="50.00"]

Parent Special (Player Combo, Two 8x10 Ind., Four 5x7 Ind., 10 Wallet, 10 Trading Cards) $60

[wp_cart_button name="Parent Special" price="60.00"]

Plaque (3.5"x5" Individual, 5"x7" Team with name plaque and team logo $40

[wp_cart_button name="Plaque" price="40.00"]

Specialty Items

Player Button (2.5" Head & Shoulders photo) $10

[wp_cart_button name="Button" price="10.00"]


Magazine Cover featuring player $25

[wp_cart_button name="Magazine Cover" price="25.00"]

10 Trading Cards $25

[wp_cart_button name="10 Trading Cards" price="25.00"]

20 Trading Cards $40

[wp_cart_button name="20 Trading Cards" price="40.00"]

Electronic Copy (e-mailed) $25

[wp_cart_button name="Electronic" price="25.00"]