{Eliza & Alex}

On what proved to be one of the hottest days this summer, Eliza and Alex tied the knot in a Celtic inspired ceremony in the lovely town of Arnprior. The day started off with a bang...the boys were found in a field in the back 40, blowing off some pre wedding steam by shooting (really LOUD) exploding targets. We knew this wasn't going to be any ordinary wedding from that point on! Once that was done, they cleaned up nicely and donned beautiful kilts and Scottish regalia to get set for a day filled with family tradition and heritage. On Eliza's end, the house was brimming with excited family members, as her bridal party and 6 siblings all assembled at their mother's home to get ready. Every detail seemed to carry special meaning, and helped to weave their story together. In a really unique change of pace, we photographed their first look and family portraits right off the top, and then had an incredible dinner at a local Celtic pub! Next up was the church, which is an incredible feast for the eyes and the soul. The ceremony, which was presided over by the bride's cousin, was filled with love and family tradition. It was a beautiful representation of Eliza and Alex, and their two families being brought together. Any reception that begins with guests being led in by a Piper is bound to be a good one, and this was no different! The room was filled with generations of family, the speeches were incredibly heartfelt, and set the tone for an incredible night of dancing! We're wishing all the best to Eliza and Alex, and hope you enjoy their images!