{Erika & Aaron} Engagement Session in Merrickville

Last weekend, we got together with Erika and Aaron to photograph their engagement session–we used two locations, the first of which was the gorgeous town of Merrickville. There is so much history is this little village, and the locks, old stone buildings and ruins were right up our alley!

The funniest thing about this photo is that they were trying so hard to look all sexy like, and the organ music was pouring out of the church! In my opinion, choir practice never looked so good!

When we met with Erika and Aaron for their consult, they expressed to us how much they loved old things and how they would love to have their photos done with antique barn, a fence, and if possible, some old tractors…

You can only imagine how Aaron’s eyes lit up when he saw the beautiful old John Deere that sits out front of The Whistle Post! The shop owner was so very gracious, not only allowing us to use his tractor but also told us how people from all over the world have had their photos taken with it!

This shop is actually called “The Hitching Post“, and it carries all sorts of wedding accessories…a perfect photo backdrop for a couple planning their wedding!

Okay, so I’ve been holding on to the coolest part of Erika and Aaron’s story until now…they’re getting married in September of 2011 at the stunning Notre Dame Cathedral and having their reception at their new home…which hasn’t been built yet! The second location for the session was their lot, which they recently broke ground on. We’ll tie everything together next year by photographing them during the party at their finished custom home. We were so excited for the year long concept of their wedding photography, and it just so happened that the light filtering through the trees made for some of the most gorgeous images of the day…

We had such a wonderful afternoon with Erika and Aaron, and are so excited to be part of their history…stay tuned for their wedding photos!


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