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UPDATE: The complete collection can now be viewed at: http://erinchris.http://bhphotography.ca/bh2017/ ! A very wise country duo by the name of Brooks and Dunn once said, "You can take the girl out of the country but you can't take the country out of the girl", and that's what this special day was all about! Erin was raised on a farm in a little town outside of Ottawa called Killaloe. She came to Ottawa to study and work in the health care industry. Little did she know, that she would be introduced to this boy from Perth who would fall absolutely head over heels for her! Erin and Chris put together a wonderful, simple country wedding to celebrate their love! We had the pleasure of capturing the intimate moments at her parents farm, which her father worked hard for months to get cleaned up, build fences, and get the gardens ready.
Bride getting flowers from groom on wedding day Wedding dress hanging up
Bride talks to flower girl on her wedding day Now for the groom, Chris. We first met Chris the day we moved to Almonte, which is a short drive from Ottawa. He was out walking his dog, we stopped to talk. Chris lives around the corner from us, and over time we got to know him well. One day Erin had been up visiting us and Chris happened to be walking by, and we could all see that his eyes completely lit up! Not long after this, Erin had stopped in for a bbq we were having at our place for the Corvette Club. We of course invited Chris' father to come down with his gorgeous '71 Corvette. That afternoon Chris' father said to him "That girl is gorgeous, you have to marry her." For once Chris listened and proposed to her this past December! Groom with Corvette on his wedding day Corvette parked infront of church for wedding Erin and Chris chose a wonderful, little church in the small town of Round Lake, not too far from Killaloe for their simple yet elegant service.
Groom seeing bride for first time on wedding day Bride walking up the aisle on her wedding day
Bride and groom after their vows After the wonderful wedding ceremony, we traveled back to the bride's parents farm for some cocktails and photos, it was such a wonderful location I could have spent the whole day capturing this wonderful couple! Bride with her girls! Bride and groom in the grass enjoying their wedding day Flowers on Barn
Bride and her shoes on her wedding day Bride and groom relaxing on fence
After a bit of relaxation in the sun, we all headed over to the world famous (somewhat lol) Wilno Tavern for an amazing Polish meal of perogies and cabbage rolls. It was without a doubt the most unique wedding dinner we have ever had. The food was absolutely amazing! Ivy wants to make the 2 hour drive again soon just to have it again!
Bride and groom's first wedding dance Father daughter dance
And of course, I had to borrow their rings and get one last photo with the Corvette! Wedding rings on the corvette I'm sure that you have learned by now that Erin and Chris have been much more than clients for us. They are our great friends. Erin will be Ivy's Matron of Honour this October when we ourselves will walk down the aisle, the same as all the amazing couples we have photographed over the years. It was a great pleasure to have had the honour of capturing these special moments for our great friends. We look forward to capturing their lives for them, from the births of their children, their birthdays, to the neighbourhood bbq's. May you both enjoy a long, and happy marriage!
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