{Heather & Tom} The Engagement

We first had the opportunity to meet Heather a few months ago at a Starbucks in Ottawa for an initial consultation.  She had had a long day interviewing vendors for their wedding, but despite us being the one of the last meetings of the day, that "connection" we all hope for with clients was evident from the get-go.  She told us about her chance first meeting with her fiance Tom, and even while regaling us with the hilarious details, her genuine love and adoration for him shone through. You see, when we met Heather, Tom was in Sweden for a year long research contract, and they had been planning their wedding over the Atlantic Ocean.  As we like to do, we asked for a little history on their relationship;  it takes a special couple to maintain a long distance relationship, but even more so when planning a long distance wedding celebration. Tom, originally from England, had been at Queen's University in Kingston doing post doctorate work (and playing rugby, of course!).   Heather was an undergrad student, working on a double major and towards teacher's college.  She was invited to an end of year rugby golf tournament, where she met Tom when he was in need of a 7 iron...he asked her out and their first date was at a chic little cafe where they shared a slice of chocolate cake and the first of many, many good times...the rest, as they say, is history, but with an international flair to the story. Although they no longer live in Kingston, we thought it would make for the perfect backdrop for their engagement session.  They took us on an epic tour of the historic city, and we even got to partake in the legendary chocolate cake that topped off their first date!
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