{Jessica} Ottawa Wedding Photographer – Trash the Dress!

So every once in a while as a photographer, I just have to get out there and shoot for fun, stress free. One day last winter I came home to find three wedding dresses hanging in my kitchen, yes three! Just as I was wondering what was going on Ivanette walked around the corner and said "Look what I found on sale!". Yes, the famous words women use to justify everything. Turns out "on sale" was actually because the boutique was liquidating the previous season's samples, and she really did hit on a huge bargain! Early in the summer I had found out that Jessica, a model we had worked with last year on a project, was back in Ottawa for the summer and wanted to do a shoot with her horses while she was home. We had gone over a few ideas and when she ended up sending me a photo of a woman on a horse in a white dress, it came to me that this would be a perfect opportunity to trash one of those dresses! We had an amazing time making this shoot happen; hope you enjoy these shots and they inspire you to do something fun! ottawa-horse-trash-wedding-dress-1 ottawa-horse-trash-wedding-dress-4 ottawa-horse-trash-wedding-dress-2 ottawa-horse-trash-wedding-dress-5 ottawa-horse-trash-wedding-dress-3
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