{Krista & Rob} An engagement session at the cottage retreat

In this business, we've been incredibly lucky to meet some of the most amazing couples--each is unique in their own right and make our role as photographers easier by bringing their own brand of awesome to the table.  Krista and Rob are no exception;  they are an absolute delight to spend time with, and that in turn helps to create some pretty images.'] We had the opportunity to spend an afternoon with these two at their family cottage retreat in the stunning Ottawa Valley, and it was one of the most enjoyable days of our 2014 summer.  Not only did they ensure that Brian was comfortable and at ease, the did so for myself and our son Tavis as well!  Considering this was the first time I'd met them, I was absolutely blown away by how genuinely down to earth and generous they are.  While they and Brian wandered the lengths of their property exploring wonderful photo opportunities, Tavis and I had a truly wonderful visit with Krista's step grandmother, and learned so much about their family, their roots, and what makes them so special as a couple. Stay tuned later this year for their wedding, which promises to be a fabulous Christmas affair, but in the meantime, we hope that you enjoy their engagement photos...these two educators sure do have a sense of fun and adventure!