{Jean & Roland} Mackenzie King Estate Engagement Photos

We were really excited when Jean and Roland told us they wanted to do their engagement session at the MacKenzie King Estate because that is where we had our own done last summer.  We haven't been back in the past year, so we were looking forward to revisiting some great memories and making some new ones.  The grounds of the estate have breathtaking gardens, and Mr. King obviously had a quirky sense of design, as there are some pretty cool building remnants to delight any photographer... Jean and Roland's is the first wedding we booked for this year, and it's for 10-10-10 which we think is going to make for some spectacular good luck and fortune for these two in the future! Roland, although not the most nature loving guy we've met, was a great sport and despite the heat, didn't complain once about climbing trees, getting dusty, or the miles and miles we made him walk...we even convinced him to get a little wet at the lake! Jean has a beautiful calming sense about her, and yet has an infectious curiosity and willingness to try anything--I love that about her! My brain almost blew up when Brian showed me this image--straight from the camera! This photograph is actually the perfect example of the brilliance of our relationship; sometimes, I relate an idea to Brian and then he makes even the coolest of ideas in my mind's eye look bland by knocking the shot out of the park--with some lighting assistance from moi, of course! We are really looking forward to Jean and Roland's wedding this fall; stay tuned for more of this awesome couple!
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