{Introducing Tavis Eirnan Hargreaves}

On August 26, Brian and I were absolutely blessed when our first son, Tavis Eirnan, arrived in the world. Almost as if to spite my easy pregnancy, he took almost 36 hours to arrive and although difficult, it was an incredible experience. Since his arrival just over a month ago, we've had the usual ups and downs (mostly in the wee hours of the morning!) but he has taught us so much in so little time. We've learned that you can exist on very little sleep, getting ready and out the door takes three times longer than it used to, and that he creates far more laundry than any adult I've met! However, I've also learned that love at first sight truly does exist, and that the enormity of love you have for a child is almost indescribable. In planning for Tavis's newborn photos, we wanted to come up with ideas as unique as he is. As some of you may already know, Brian is a volunteer firefighter in Almonte where we live, and we wanted to reflect the pride we have for both. Grandma Hargreaves also spent many hours creating cute outfits for him before he arrived, and those were important for us to include. I really hope you enjoy the photos of our precious little man as much as we do, and we'll try not to flood the blog when we have another shoot!