Tips for Brides – Wedding Registry

During my short lunch break, I stumbled across Wedding Republic and thought it would be cool enough to share with brides looking for something different. When we were getting married we made the choice to have a registry since most of our family is out of town and have never seen our house, or know the style we both share. We didn’t want to have multiple registrys so we picked one large, Canada wide chain of stores for our wedding registry. If Wedding Republic had been around, we would have used them! You can add absolutely anything you want, and guests from both sides of your families can split on larger gifts.

Wedding registry for modern brides

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  1. Helen
    Helen says:

    Thanks for this! I was looking for a site like this…but its interesting that they change 2.5% for each transaction. I guess it’s like Paypal.

  2. Hana
    Hana says:

    Can’t believe I just came across this… delayed reaction from my google reader! Thanks for the post guys! Keep your eyes peeled, some interesting changes coming soon 😉

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