{Alanna & Martin} SURPRISE! It’s your wedding day!

Back in November I received an e-mail from a guy by the name of Martin. He’s planning a wedding for June 2012, it’s going to be a backyard wedding, oh, and the bride doesn’t know! Turns out Alanna is one busy gal, and didn’t have much time to plan their wedding, so Martin decided to tell her that they’d have a small affair in September.

Well, somehow, without her knowing, he pulled off having her pick out a dress, shoes, etc. Martin, along with Cherise of Charmed Weddings and some great friends who managed to work with Alanna, pulled off the wedding without Alanna knowing! Her confused look as she approached the gate to the backyard quickly changed to shock as it became apparent that today was in fact her wedding day! Martin had planned everything, while Alanna was whisked away to have hair and makeup done, and get her dress on their close friends enjoyed cocktails by the pool!

The one thing Martin couldn’t plan, the weather, taunted us! The sun broke through the clouds only twice. Once when Alanna & Martin arrived, and then for a second time during their ceremony.

Wedding Planner: Cherise Gambeta

Officiant: Francine of All Seasons

Venue: Provided by friends

Floral: Tracey Bradley (Orleans)

Caterer: Slackoni’s (Carleton Place)

Cake: Sarah Grey Cakes (Almonte)

DJ: JP of Showtime Event Services