When planning your wedding, you want to make the best choice possible, especially when it involves the one thing that will stand the test of time, your photographs and wedding album. From our experience, most couples aren't quite sure what questions to ask photographers, let alone what the right answers for them are. We are pleased to help with the top 10 questions that you should ask photographers when meeting with them. Below are the questions, with explanations. Pages 3 & 4 may printed and used at every consultation, so that you can compare the photographers you met with and make a better decision on your memories. 1. Will you be photographing our wedding? - Some studios employ multiple photographers. It is key for you to meet with the person who will be covering your wedding, and see their work. Personality is the most important thing you should consider when choosing a photographer, if your not comfortable with them, Your photos may suffer. 2. What will you wear on my wedding day? - You don't want your photographer to embarrass you on your wedding day by showing up in jeans and a t-shirt. Unfortunately, there are a number of "photographers" who feel that jeans and t-shirts are acceptable for weddings, and we've heard about this much too often. We always wear black dress pants, black dress shirt and a tie at a minimum. Dressing in black allows us to be less noticeable and blend in. 3. Do you have backup equipment? - Cameras are mechanical devices, just like your cell phone and dvd player. They can fail at any moment and without warning. It is essential that your photographer has a full set of backup cameras, lenses and flashes. 4. Can we see a complete wedding? - With the digital age upon us, anybody can get a few great images per thousand. As photographers, we do show our best work on our websites. However we have no problem showing you a complete wedding album. This allows you to imagine the quality of work that will be in your wedding album. 5. What products do you offer? - If you are receiving a DVD of images, that should only be part of the package. There are a number of great album styles available, as well as canvases, float wraps, thank you cards, save the date cards, etc. Make sure the photographer can provide everything you are looking for. Fact is that most couples who only receive a DVD of images never print them. Creating an album is time consuming, and requires skill to tell your story. Some photographers don't offer albums, as they are too hard, take too much time, etc. Make sure an album is at least available to you. - Ask about warranties. Most high quality album companies offer lifetime warranties. We only use Canadian companies that offer lifetime warranties. 6. If my wedding goes longer than expected, will you stay longer? If so, how much? - This is a good question to ask, as sometimes due to reasons out of your control, your wedding may be delayed slightly. Ask if they are willing to stay overtime to ensure you get the amount of coverage you invisioned. 7. Do you work with an assistant? - Weddings are a very fast paced for photographers. Having an assistant to hold lights & reflectors, as well as set up equipment is essential so that the photographer can work quickly and not miss any special moments while off setting up equipment. 8. What happens if you are sick on my wedding day? - Even wedding photographers are human and can get ill. Most are willing to work through minor colds & Illness. However if something major happens, we have a network of experienced photographers we can call on at a moment's notice to fill in. 9. Do you back up our photos? If so, when? - Professional digital memory is extremely reliable, however there is still a possibility that it can fail. To avoid this, we use smaller memory cards rather than one large memory card. If one fails only 60-90 images would be affected, instead of your whole wedding. - To avoid any problems we create 2 copies of every image before leaving a wedding. If any image did happen to get damaged, we could attempt to re-create it before leaving. 10. Do you get along with your photographer? - This question is for you. As we mentioned in question #1, personality should be a major consideration when it comes to choosing your photographer. If you get along and click with them, they will be happy to be at your wedding. The less photographing feels like work, the more fun we have. The more fun we have the better the images.  

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