{Christina & Richard} Toronto Distillery District Wedding

Last weekend Ivanette & I had a blast in Toronto photographing Christina & Richard’s wedding. We’ve been excited for months to finally have the opportunity to create gorgeous wedding images in the distillery district of downtown Toronto. If you haven’t heard about the area, it’s worth looking up, and most definitely worth a visit! Richard is the brother in law of Kevin, who photographed our wedding back in 2009, so it was an honour to help Kevin and his family by covering Christina & Richard’s wedding.

We started off the day at 9:30am in North York at her mother’s house for the traditional Chinese Tea Ceremony. First however, the grooms men had to convince the bridesmaids to let them in! They were required to pass food among all four of them, using only their lips, then eat four foods. Their ability to complete these tasks determined how much of a bribe they had to give the ladies to get past the door! It was the first time we’ve seen this, and it was hilarious to say the least!

After a light lunch, we headed down to the Distillery District for a couple hours of photos, where Richard had learnt only the day before that Loblaws was going to be filming a commercial and was expecting 15 000 people to show up! Both Christina & Richard work for Lowblaws, so when we saw Galen Weston, and he agreed to pose, they were both elated!. We then headed to the reception hall for the wedding ceremony and reception complete with amazing traditional 10 course Chinese dinner.

The wedding will also be featured on an upcoming episode of “Four Weddings:Canada”

Update: Christina & Richard have been announced as the winners of Four Weddings: Canada!